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It was an inspiring array of amazing speakers from so many different sectors. An eye-opener to the amount of activity that's going on and the commitment and energy being
invested by them and their organisations.

- Better Futures Forum participant

BFF_Screenshot.pngThe 2021 Better Futures Forum provided a platform for many and diverse voices - from across all sectors of the economy and society - demanding action from the Australian government. From our international speakers Ban Ki-moon, Mary Robinson, Alok Sharma and Jonathan Pershing, our state level leaders such as Matt Kean, and opposition spokesperson Chris Bowen all the way through all 200 speakers and participants at the Forum, the message came out loud and clear – Australian communities, businesses, state and local government support climate action, and that Australia needs to step up. 

The media that came out of the Forum – in a media landscape dominated by COVID-19 and the collapse of Afghanistan – was really strong, coherent and clear. From a teaser interview on the 7.30 Report with Mary Robinson coming out punching, great coverage of Jonathan Pershing’s speech at the Forum calling on Australia to go further with ambition in the Guardian, the SMH, the ABC and the Australian covered block quotes; Ban Ki Moon's Canberra Times op-ed and ABC coverage, extensive coverage of Matt Kean piling pressure on his federal counterparts, and Labor’s Chris Bowen could not stop tweeting about #BetterFuturesForum.

Better Futures Australia shifted the dial on expectations this week, and applied pressure across the political spectrum, including provided an impetus for the alternative government to state a new stance on action by 2030. In the lead up to COP26; the next step is to further harness this wide, broad, diverse set of allies to continue the pressure on the federal government for more ambition.

If you'd like to give feedback on the Forum or have suggestions for future events, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Daily Summaries

Over the course of the Forum, we had illustrations created by Digital Storytellers, and daily video summaries from Lee Constable (@Constababble) at Cimpatico. You can view these in the pages below, and also see all recorded sessions from the Forum on our Youtube channel here.

Recap - Day 1

Day 1 of the Forum was a demonstration of the readiness for ambitious climate action from leaders across all corners of society and the economy, pointing to the unique opportunity we have now to take on a renewable powered, climate-resilient future.
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Recap - Day 2

Day 2’s conversations shined a light on the bold and impactful initiatives underway, and the willingness of climate leaders across Australia to partner across sectors and communities to scale solutions - at a time when we most need hope, creativity and collaboration.
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