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Media Release: Better Futures Forum

Monday 5 September 2022

“We’re coming to Canberra this year full of optimism”

Climate and health; megabattery storage; 395,000 jobs. 

Three of the issues on the agenda this week for better futures.

Speakers, op eds, lived experience: media welcome at UNSW Canberra and online. 

“The new government has set a new path for climate change and Australia is being welcomed back to the table by the international community,” says Lisa Cliff, Program Director of the Better Futures Forum on this week at UNSW Canberra and online.

“Now is our time to get ahead of the challenge and look to a better future, one where Australia is a leader in renewable energy. That's why it's good to see medical experts, businesses, investors, communities, government, First Nations and others come together at the Better Futures Forum this week to share ideas and build partnerships in support of ambitious, society and economy-wide action on climate change,” Lisa says. 

“Today, we’ll discuss health – how can we implement a plan that will save lives, prepare the health system for future change, and reduce carbon emissions.”

A highlight on Tuesday is a call for action to boost renewable energy storage

On Wednesday we’ll explore how to secure hundreds of thousands of jobs with a renewable energy export industry.

The blueprints and motivation are there to work with the new government to make sure Australia doesn't get left behind. 

Monday: Health leaders are meeting at the Better Futures Forum at UNSW Canberra today to call for urgent implementation of a national climate-health action plan. 

Leaders from 40+ health and medical organisations, including the Australian Medical Association and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, will discuss the urgent priorities for the government’s proposed national climate-health plan as laid out in a joint statement.

Monday: health sector produces 7 per cent of nation’s carbon emissions. We can do better. 

Health leaders call for a Sustainable Healthcare Unit in the Commonwealth Department of Health to guide the health sector towards environmentally sustainable and low carbon operations and support state and territory health jurisdictions to decarbonise.

Coming up on Tuesday

Unleashing renewable energy storage. Large scale deployment of batteries could prevent future price spikes. With Andrew Barr, Lara Panjkov, Luke Osborne, Carla Stocks, Francis Wedin, John Grimes.

Steps to future-proof an ambitious climate agenda. With Janine Mohamed, Brynn O’Brien, Anjali Sharma, David Pocock, Dan Bourchier.

Decarbonising sectors to achieve Australia's climate agenda together. With Deo Prasad, Virginia Marshal, Akaash Sachdeva, Michael Wheatland, Louise-Marlena Tarrier, Claire O'Rourke.

Keynotes: Opportunities for Australia in the new energy economy 

  • Lord Adair Turner, Chair of the Global Energy Transitions Commission
  • Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary General: Working together on Australia’s national security and climate resilience
  • Janaline Oh, Diplomats for Climate Action Now

Keynotes: International Policy Frameworks

  • Laurence Tubiana, CEO European Climate Foundation
  • Plus: Cathryn Eatock, Ian Fry, Brianna Fruean, Raymond Minniecon.

Media contacts:

Niall Byrne, [email protected], 0417-131-977
Jane Watkins, [email protected], 0425-803-204

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