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What is Better Futures Australia?


Better Futures Australia's network of partners has brought together climate champions from every sector of society and the economy – finance; business; agriculture; health; faith groups; local, state and territory governments; First Nations; unions and more – who are:

1. Calling for ambitious national targets and action; and
2. Reimagining our future by demonstrating scalable climate solutions and success stories already underway.

Sign the Declaration today and join us in demonstrating the willingness of Australians to take ambitious climate action.

Coordination and collaboration across industry sectors and communities are central to Better Futures Australia's work in driving ambitious climate action today. This is done primarily through Sector Working Groups that bring together new and existing climate champions in their industry sectors and communities and connect in partners which provide support for scaling further actions.

Part of a global network of national alliances of climate champions driving climate action in their countries, including the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Vietnam, Japan, Brazil, and South Africa, you are invited to be inspired and inspire others to step up climate action as part of the Better Futures Australia community during a ground-breaking year for global momentum on climate.

Visit the Better Futures Australia website for more detailed information.