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Dr Kim Loo

NSW Chair of Doctors for the Environment Australia

The child of Buddhist parents, GP Dr Kim Loo learned early to tread lightly on the earth. Now, in addition to working with patients in communities in Western Sydney, she actively advocates for a sustainable future through her work on the Council of the AMA (NSW), as Chair of Doctors for the Environment Australia (NSW), and her many other involvements.

Kim is directing her efforts towards a cohesive, positive narrative which inspires people to reimagine what the future could be, one in which all sections of society can step ahead into the next phase with hope. To achieve this vision, Kim believes we need credible emissions targets and policy that actively supports the transition to a sustainable, clean-energy economy and society. Kim emphasises the need for climate adaptation to integrate a health focus into urban planning, particularly in relation to urban greening, walkable cities and affordable, quality housing.


See Dr Kim Loo at the 2022 Better Futures Forum:


Tuesday 6 September, 4.00pm - 5.15pm AEST

Sector Workshops & Submissions: Tackling climate change and health - advancing the national climate and health strategy and building sustainable and climate resilient healthcare system