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Dr Susanne Etti

Environmental Impact Specialist at Intrepid Travel

Dr. Susanne Etti is the Environmental Impact Specialist at Intrepid Travel - a carbon neutral and B Corp travel company. Susanne leads Intrepid’s climate action work, including carbon performance, reporting and transitioning the business to the low-carbon economy. Susanne has extensive experience with over fifteen years in climate change and sustainability. She previously worked in consultancy roles and supported clients in thought leadership, external disclosures, and building corporate sustainability programs. A passionate advocate for the environment and sustainability, she spends much of her free time in nature bushwalking. Having lived and worked in six countries, she believes by empowering local people through sustainable travel experiences, we can make travel better for everyone and simultaneously take care of our planet.

See Dr. Susanne Etti at the Better Futures Forum:

Tuesday 17 August, 12.30pm - 1.20pm AEST
BREAKOUT SESSION: Common approaches to reducing Scope 3 emission

Wednesday 18 August, 12.30pm - 1.20pm AEST
BREAKOUT SESSION: Sport, outdoors and recreation: stepping up to the challenge