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Nick Tobin

Managing Director of Networked Urban Solutions

Nick Tobin is a dynamic and innovative CEO and General Manager with experience spanning more than 30 years in local government with significant experience in the corporate sector.

Nick’s career highlights include having delivered the Concourse in Chatswood, one of the largest ever pieces of local government funded public infrastructure. The unique long-term sustainable funding model has become a leading model across local government. Additionally, Nick led Willoughby City Council to become an efficient, agile, sustainable and award-winning council. During his tenure as General Manager, the City was awarded the prestigious A.R. Bluett Award and an Excellence in Overall Environmental Management award from the United Nations World Environment Day.

Nick’s strengths include innovative and strategic thinking; experience with building empowered teams; expertise in engaging with diverse stakeholder groups; an in-depth understanding of the decision-making process in all levels of government; as well as the ability to forge strong relationships.

See Nick Tobin at the Better Futures Forum:

Tuesday 17 August, 12.30pm - 1.20pm AEST
BREAKOUT SESSION: Local Governments demonstrating leadership