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Karen Redman

Mayor of Gawler

With a background in health and a Masters qualification in this field, long term involvement in community and sporting groups, Karen decided in 2010 to put her hand up and get involved in local affairs, and was elected as a Council member at the Town of Gawler. 

In 2014 Karen made the decision to run for Mayor of Gawler. Karen was fortunate to be elected on a platform of a stronger presence in the region for Gawler, given its growth, with a focus on cultural heritage and sustainable economic development. She is now serving her second term as Mayor, being elected unopposed in 2018.

Since becoming Mayor, major achievements for the Town of Gawler have included the successful grant funding for the heritage listed Gawler Civic Centre, the 68 million dollar Gawler East Link Road alignment and progression and China engagement, with a cultural exchange with Penglai. In 2018, Karen was elected to the Local Government Association Board, as well as being Chair of the Greater Adelaide Region of Councils. Karen has also been a Board Member of the Australian Local Government Association and Member of the LGASA Audit and Risk Committee. Gawler was the first South Australian Council to declare a climate emergency and Mayor Redman has led Gawler during this time as it transitions away from fossil fuels to renewables as part of its climate mitigation response.

See Mayor Karen Redman at the Better Futures Forum:

Tuesday 17 August, 12.05pm - 12.30pm AEST 
PLENARY - BREAKOUT INTRODUCTION: Creating prosperous, climate resilient cities and regions

Tuesday 17 August, 12.30pm - 1.20pm AEST
BREAKOUT SESSION: Local Governments demonstrating leadership