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John Grimes

Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council

John Grimes is the Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council. John started his career as an Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force, later working as a diplomat representing the Australian government overseas.

John has significant business experience, co-founding a technology company through to a successful listing on the ASX. He later founded an environmental company in the water purification industry.

John is regularly called on by media to provide expert commentary on Australia's transition to a Smart Energy Future. John holds a Masters Degree from the Australian National University.

See John Grimes at the Better Futures Forum:

Tuesday 17 August, 12.00pm - 12.30pm AEST 
PLENARY - BREAKOUT INTRODUCTION: Creating prosperous, climate resilient cities and regions

Tuesday 17 August, 12.30pm - 12.30pm AEST 
BREAKOUT SESSION: State governments driving renewable powered futures