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Ian McConnel

Director of Beef Sustainability at Tyson Foods

Ian McConnel is Tyson Foods Director of Beef Sustainability, leading the company’s efforts to deliver sustainable beef to customers in Australia and around the globe. On top of engaging with the Australian beef industry and its farmers to improve and communicate the sustainability of beef production, he leads the International business’ efforts to eliminate deforestation in their supply chain across all commodities.  

He is the vice-president of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and currently leading the development of its global sustainability goals. Before joining Tyson, Ian spent a decade as WWF’s Global Lead for Livestock, supporting sustainable development in the beef industry across 22 countries. 

A fifth generation beef producer, Ian gained a Bachelor of Science in Animal Studies at the University of Queensland, then spent a year at Colorado State University supporting meat science and genetics research. He joined the Queensland government extension service in 2003 and spent a decade delivering extension in the beef and sheep industries. Ian pioneered innovative extension and outreach tools in remote Australia and led the trialling and development of remote animal management systems, such as walk-over-weighing and telemetry. He then transitioned to the conservation sector, supporting the efforts of industry to improve its environmental and social footprints in the belief that a sustainable beef industry should be a valued part of a thriving food system.

See Ian McConnel at the Better Futures Forum:

Wednesday 18 August, 9.30am - 10.20am AEST
BREAKOUT SESSION: Partnering to achieve zero emissions supply chains