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Holly Crockford

Project Lead, Foundations for Tomorrow

With a background in economics, pro-bono law, and community volunteering, Holly works across sectors to drive social impact, improve policy design, and advance global prosperity. She achieves this by leveraging data-driven economic decision-making to align efficient business operations with important social objectives.

Holly is currently a non-executive Director at ClimateForce, a charity that advances rainforest restoration and carbon drawdown projects. Previously, she has assisted philosopher Peter Singer at The Life You Can Save in drafting his latest book, defended people on death row in Pakistan, and completed the Corporate Advisory Program at Goldman Sachs. 

See Holly Crockford at the Better Futures Forum:

Wednesday 18 August, 4.00pm - 4.30pm AEST 
PLENARY - BREAKOUT INTRODUCTION: Achieving zero emissions together

Wednesday 18 August, 4.30pm - 5.20pm AEST 
BREAKOUT SESSION: Talk is cheap. Let’s [just] transition