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Hoa Nguyen

Deputy Director of Microfinance and Community Development Institute (MACDI)

Hoa Nguyen is currently the Deputy Director of Micro-Finance And Community Development Institute (MACDI). Since 2016, Hoa has been working with MACDI in developing and implementing projects on the application and replication of renewable energy and energy efficiency technology, GHG emission reduction, and carbon credits mechanism alongside a number of international and local NGOs and organisations across Vietnam. She is also collaborating with development banks, CSOs, and international agencies on the green finance project to support vulnerable communities to access clean energy in order to reduce climate change impacts.

With many experiences working with local and international banks, local NGO, CSOs and private sectors, Ms, Hoa has been able to promote sustainable projects on environment and climate change mitigations at the local level. Hoa has strong personal and interpersonal skills, which she applies well in her work with vulnerable and marginalised communities in the rural and mountainous area. She is actively playing the role of the technical financial advisor for projects and activities related to responding to climate change, as well as introduction of renewable energy technologies. Hoa has a strong network with the Associations of Biogas, Association of Energy Saving & Energy Efficiency and Vietnam Coalition for Climate Actions (VCCA) in Vietnam.

Thursday 19 August, 9.40am - 10.30am AEST
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