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Michael Wheatland

Manager Sustainable Processing, Calix Limited

Michael Wheatland is an Internationally Chartered Engineer turned commercial manager who is passionate about sustainable outcomes through carbon reduction technology, lithium and mineral processing and clean energy projects.

From concept and design of the unique carbon negative mineral technology core to the Calix Flash Calcination process, Michael has been instrumental in commercialisation of this home-grown Australian technology that is now being exported around the world to reduce environmental impact of mineral and chemical manufacturing industries.

Michael has successfully implemented multi-million-dollar projects with Rio Tinto, BHP, Alcoa and now with Calix where Michael is now responsible for facilitating the energy, mining, mineral, water, wine, paper, and other manufacturing industries to achieve more sustainable outcomes. A founder of the Bacchus Marsh Biogas electricity generation project currently working towards waste reduction and clean energy generation at a grid scale through waste to energy and working with industrial facilities with co-generation.

Michael Wheatland has been invited to speak at media and conferences across the world including California Water and Environment Association conference; Australian Water Industry Operator Association of Australia; Hawaiian Water and Environment Association Conference; Sustainable You Podcast; and The Climate Reality Project. Michael dedicates a portion of his time to causes that advocate for a better environment and improve living conditions around the world, such as WaterAid and Beyond Tomorrow.

See Michael Wheatland at the Better Futures Forum:

Wednesday 18 August, 12.30pm - 1.20pm AEST 
BREAKOUT SESSION: Better Futures for Heavy Industries