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Skye Blair

KPMG Associate Director - Management Consulting & Operations Advisory

Skye is a Chartered Engineer and management professional with 20 years combined experience in civil and marine construction, transport design and infrastructure advisory, sustainable business systems, engineering leadership and management and, most recently, management consulting. From her construction site roots, to advising government on sustainable procurement, she has hands-on experience across the breadth and depth of the infrastructure, asset and place lifecycle and knows all too well the challenges associated with transforming strategic intent into outcomes. Skye is presently representing KPMG on the Materials Embodied Carbon Leaders Alliance and is leading a ‘toolkit’ piece of work for its ‘Demand Signal’ working group.


See Skye at the 2022 Better Futures Forum:

Wednesday 7 September, 2.00pm - 3.00pm AEST | Panel Discussion: Do we need a Business Manifesto to advance accelerated action on Australia's Climate Recovery?