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Why are organisations signing the Declaration?


Individual organisations, communities and institutions recognise that we need to build an inclusive society that provides well being for all, powered by renewable energy and sustained by nature. The transition to a net-zero emissions economy has begun, but it is not happening at the speed and scale needed to keep global average temperatures from rising above 1.5°C—beyond which we will experience increasingly devastating impacts on our economy, livelihoods, health, ecosystems, and physical infrastructure.

To realise the transformation to a zero emissions future, we need everyone - across all walks of life - to advance climate solutions together.

Better Futures Australia is unique because it aims to include a diversity of voices representing leaders from nearly every sector of society—state, territory and local governments; companies and investors; farmers; industry leaders; academic and cultural institutions; First Nations organisations and faith communities; healthcare institutions, social service organisations; and community organisations.

There is no question that national government is needed to provide policy direction, but together Better Futures Australia representatives are providing jobs, driving innovation, and collaborating to develop creative and inclusive solutions to climate change.

Everyone must act and, together, we are stronger.