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Natalie Isaacs

Founder and CEO of 1 Million Women

"My vision for a better future for all Australians involves empowering us all to live with minimal impact on the planet and having the lowest carbon footprint possible."

Natalie Isaacs has spent over a decade working to inspire women from all walks of life to take collective action on climate change. Launching in 2009, 1 Million Women offers education and empowerment for women and girls, providing them with the tools to start their own climate journey.

"When I started 1 Million Women, I had just started to change the way I lived and thought that if there were enough of us making those changes, then that would be powerful. I looked online at the time and couldn't find anything that spoke to me as a woman, helping me harness my strengths and move forward with climate action. 1 Million Women was created out of necessity for that interaction between climate action and women, focusing on what you can do and the empowerment of action."

As Founder and CEO, Natalie aims to empower women to use their voices to confidently advocate for climate action and all to live with low impact on the planet. 1 Million Women educates on multiple climate topics, including waste, transport, fashion and personal wellbeing.

"We aim to inspire women and girls to have that conversation with others, building a global movement of women and girls working to protect our climate. Because of that, we just see ourselves as women and citizens of this planet needing to do all we can."

Natalie wants to see the Federal Government embrace renewables as quickly as possible, saying "I would like to see them go to COP26 with a 2030 target in line with the Paris Climate Agreement."


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