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Fiona Nixon

Head of Strategy & Communications at Bank Australia

There is such a huge opportunity for Australia to transition to something that is much more sustainable, something fairer for all, and that fulfils our obligations as guardians of the land."

As a child of progressive parents in apartheid South Africa, Fiona Nixon is no stranger to human rights, justice and the principles of equity.

Coming out of policy making in government where Fiona experienced the pace of change to be too slow for her ambitions, she saw solutions in purpose-driven business which led her to her current role in what is arguably Australia’s leading financial institution on all things impact. Bank Australia is the first bank to become a B Corporation, and climate action runs deep in its DNA.

Fiona’s role centres around core questions like how do we navigate change and position for 2025? How do we pursue product development and investment to empower our customers to use their money so that people and planet thrive? How do we keep up with, and use, technology to engage with and drive purpose driven business?

“We want to demonstrate our will in a way that catalyses others to follow.”

Fiona strongly believes we have all of the technology and know-how we need to transition to a zero emissions economy and society. We are doing it, it’s now just about driving the collective will to step up our ambition.

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