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Christina Hobbs

Co-Founder and CEO of Verve Super

Our vision is a world where the great resources we have are being put towards a safe climate future and are being invested in not just solving the climate issues but investing in companies and opportunities that are better for our environment and society.”

Christina is an outstanding leader in the Australian finance landscape. The Superannuation Fund she co-founded, Verve Super, has disrupted gender equity in wealth creation, but also the investment arena.

“We invest with a broad ethical screen, which aligns to the two other major super funds that purely invest ethically. We screen companies out that are not doing the right thing by women, and we screen in around environmental criteria and increasingly, around gender.

"We also impact invest which means it’s more than just investing in companies doing no harm we seek out investment opportunities that have a clear, measurable positive impact to the environment and people.”

Christina is an experienced Board Director in the superannuation industry and a former Deloitte Management Consultant. She has worked as a humanitarian and financial inclusion expert for the United Nations for over a decade and is a former Board Director of the Global Women's Project and a published author on gender equality. She leads with courage and a steadfast vision for a better future for women and the planet.

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